Understanding Your Copay

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With the health care landscape becoming increasingly complex, understanding your coverage and what you pay for services, prescriptions, and supplies is important, particularly managing a chronic condition like diabetes.

"It is important for people with diabetes to regularly test their blood sugar, and working with their health care professional, use results to help make decisions about food, activity, and medication to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, Miller said that many people don`t check their blood sugar as often as they should and one common barrier is the cost of testing supplies.

"So there are a few things that I recommend to make the most of your health care coverage. One is a new free service from LifeScan, the makers of One Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems called "Know My Copay." It`s a website and toll free phone services to show patients and their health care providers the lowest copay across major brands of diabetes test strips based on each person individual health plan."

So How does this program work?

"'Know My Copay' provides two levels of information based on the data provided by the user. In the first level, people can find out which products are preferred by their health plan by simply providing the type of coverage and the plan name. In the second level by providing more specific information, patients and their health care professionals can review the actual copay amounts of the top five brands of test strips offered. So, 'Know My Copay' is a valuable free service that can assist people in maximizing their healthcare coverage by comparing the out of pocket costs of the various diabetes test strips available in order to make educated decisions about the products they use."

To access this free service visit KnowMyCopay.com or call toll free 844-807-8936 Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm Eastern. Other helpful advice for diabetes patients?

"For all prescriptions and supplies ask your doctor or pharmacist if there is a generic or lower cost brand name alternative. You can often save between twenty and ninety percent by switching."

He also says buy in bulk.

"Many pharmacies give discounts if you buy a three month supply at once instead of a usual thirty day supply. Many pills can also be split, and if your doctors tells you that yours can be, then ask for a prescription that doubles the dosage of your pills so that you can split them and get two months` worth of medicine for the price of one. I also recommend shopping around. Most people don`t realize that drug prices can vary widely from drug store to drug store. Also ask if your pharmacy offers a discount drug program that may be a less expensive alternative to your insurance plan cost."

Finally, Miller says the best way to save on diabetes healthcare cost is to improve your overall health with these four basic steps such as lose weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and if you smoke then stop.