Treating Aches and Pains That Affect How You Sleep

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You might expect construction workers, mechanics and others with more physical jobs to suffer aches and pains that would keep them up at night. But a recent survey of 200 health care professionals found that typically less physical jobs could also cause problems. The sleep doctor, Dr. Michael Brues explains some of the less obvious ones were things like being an attorney or careers like i-t or manager or even a journalist “Things like that 52 those are the types of things that we were a little more surprised about but we think it has a lot to do with long hours – a lot of standing a lot of sitting – those types of things.”

“The research shows most people complain that achy knees, as well as neck, shoulder, and foot pain are effecting their sleep – which often impacts productivity at work the next day….along with other problems. We know that work related pain can affect several areas of life from anxiety and depression all the over to sleep and we know that sleep affects everything 18 right – every organ system – every disease state every mental state 23 is effected by sleep so pain can really have a on almost every area of your life.”

Dr. Brues suggests going to bed at a consistent bedtime – also – take a hot bath or shower and stretch 90 minutes before bedtime. “If people have tried all these things and they`re still having issues – I`m often times talking to them about how can we take a pain reliever and sleep aid together because we know that by treating both of those things together we actually have a higher level of effectiveness, so that`s when we we look at things like Advil PM.”

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