Tips To Stay Healthy In The New Year

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This is your PHL17 Extra. A new year comes with new goals and resolutions. Our Chandler Lutz spoke with a family physician on some helpful tips for managing your health in the new year.

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Joining me now is family physician Dr. Mia Finkelston sharing her tips for getting healthier and staying healthier in the new year. Good morning doctor. What tips do you have for us this morning?

"I tell my patients who I see through LiveHealth Online that it's really not about new resolutions. It's about updating your life in a manageable way and just give some positive efforts. Maybe for some simple things. Maybe there are things that you can already do but do a little bit better. For instance, eating healthfully. A handful of nuts everyday, get regular sleep. It makes you feel good, it makes you look better - and of course exercise, but don't kill yourself. If you don't want to get to the gym or don't like the gym - floor exercises. Learn how to use your own body weight to build your strength, your flexibility, as well as your balance. I also tell them that preventative care is where it starts so make sure that the first quarter of the year be the time you go for your wellness evaluation - your physical. And see a dentist! And through the rest of the year you can call on that information you learned and the things you need to work on. A great way to stay on track with that is to register with live-health-online. Go to live-health-online-dot-com to learn more, and you'll find that you can use your smartphone, your tablet, or your computer with a webcam. And after you register you'll be able to connect with doctors like myself who are board-certified, U.S. based. You can also see a licensed therapist if you need at your convenience. We're here 365 days of the year, 24/7, and including holidays. So over the Christmas holiday is a great time to see us when your doctor is not available. We always recommend that you do have a primary care physician that you can follow up with and encourage you to print out a copy of the note that you can take with you when you go. Most visits most about $49 or less depending on your insurance. And it's really just a convenient way to get medical care when you need. Some of the examples of the non-emergent things we see would be colds, flus, stomach bug, which has been going around. Eye infections, skin infections and the like. And we can diagnose, come up with a treatment plan, and a prescription if needed in most states. So it's very exciting and with 2017 there's a lot in store with weight management platform as well as some breast-feeding tips with a lactation consultant that you can see coming forward with life-health-online this year. You can go for more information."