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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
Many Americans are living with chronic pain, but there is help. PHL17's Jason Lee sat down with Dr. Melanie Rosenblatt, as well as the executive director of the US Pain Foundation, Paul Gileno, to get us some advice.

Jason Lee:
Doctor let me start with you. So many of us live with chronic pain. Why is the treatment so complex?

Dr. Melanie Rosenblatt:
The treatment of chronic pain is so complex because frankly it affects so many people. More than a hundred million Americans suffer with chronic pain and that's more than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined. And while pain prescriptions medication is the main stay of treatment for this chronic illness, it's also prone to abuse.

Jason Lee:
Now Paul let me turn to you. You started the US Pain Foundation. Tell us your experience and why you started that foundation?

Paul Gileno:
I started US Pain Foundation out of my own pain journey. I broke my back 12 years ago and started my chronic pain journey. I realized that we needed more education, advocacy, and empowerment for people with pain. So I started the US Pain Foundation to be a resource for people with pain.

Jason Lee:
Now a survey was done regarding chronic pain. Tell us about that.

Paul Gileno:
Sure. The survey was conducted with US Pain Foundation and The American Academy of Pain Management which was sponsored by Teva. And the survey was a very powerful survey realizing that people with chronic pain want to take responsibility as do healthcare providers for abuse of pain medications. We also learned that it's very uncomfortable to speak about it from both sides, the healthcare providers as well as the person with pain. But we also realized that we need solutions we need resources through the survey. And so was created to help with those resources.

Jason Lee:
Alright Paul, Dr. Rosenblatt, thank you both. Great information there. Thanks for being with us. And Eye Opener continues.

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