The Perfect Holiday Toys for Kids this Season

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Our Chandler Lutz spoke with toy industry expert, Elizabeth Werner, on the perfect toys for the little ones this holiday season.

Good morning, Elizabeth. Well we spoke to you yesterday about the perfect toys for our
little ones, and we can’t seem to get enough. What do you have for us today?

“Well, let’s jump right in with a couple of great educational items…

This is LeapStart by LeapFrog. Now this is an educational system that allows children to learn and have fun at the same time. Two versions – preschool through pre-K, kindergarten through first grade. Each one of these has 16 books available and over 30 different activities in them, teaching 50 of the 21st century skills needed.

Now while those kids are working on their skills, Ewriters brought to us by Boogie Board. This allows children to doodle and trace without paper and pens. These Ewriters are the modern way to draw. Scribble ‘n’ Play is the first color Ewriter, it includes four stylus to create a variety of really cool lines and textures and then the Jot 4.5. This has actually a translucent screen and comes with a set of alphabet and math flashcards and a stylus tool so kids will be able to trace and draw those letters, and work on their numbers and push a button to erase and start all over again.
Now let’s get those kids up and active! The Yvolution Y Flyer. This actually has two platforms, one for each foot. Kids hop on, move in an upwards and downward motion, actually propelling themselves forward. This does have a handbrake on it and a strong steel frame, and it is foldable, so you can take it with you when you’re traveling.
Now it is Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, and DC comics has brought something for all the great fans out there, and for younger fans. DC Superhero Girls Final Crisis and Hits and Myths. This is a lot of fun and is featuring Super Girl, Wonder Woman, and more as they navigate their lives at Superhero High. And this 75th Wonder Woman box set, this is so cool, four classic stories come together in a beautiful collectible slip case display.
Now for activities, let’s get around the table and do some great crafting together. Spinmaster brings us “Bunchems!” the award-winning toy. These creations are so cool. We stick them together and then we tap them to make them come to life. They bounce, they shake, they wiggle, a lot for fun for the little ones. And then Kinetic Sand, this is a favorite in our household. Kids can pull it, shape it, mold it, and create incredible sand art. This actually stores in the box that it comes in. So at the end of the day, we can just close that up and bring back out another day when we are ready.”