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Jason Lee:
Christian and Rebecca thanks so much for joining us, tell us about season two of The Librarians.

Rebecca Rornijn:
We've got a big storm coming that's about to kill everybody in New York and the culprit is Prospero from Shakespeare's The Tempest, who's the worst villain you can imagine. He's figured out to conjure up a whole team of fictional characters, fictional villains, including Moriarti from Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, Queen of Hearts to battle the librarians and you know, never a dull moment.

Jason Lee:
Looking at the cast of the show, the name John Larry-Catchum, he's a big night court fan, wondering what it's like to work with him.

Christian Kane:
Listen everyday, if he's there in the morning when we start, it's a cup of coffee, he's that much energy, we feed off of him. For me it's almost acting 101, I can learn a lot from him. I steal a lot from John. He's not playing the same guy on Night Court. How many Emmys does he have? Like five Emmys? You pay attention when that guy is there. He just breaths life into you. And it's dry humor which is heart to do.

Rebecca Rornijn:
He's a little like Dan Fielding, slightly twisted, not going to lie and he goes off script constantly which is really great to work opposite.

Jason Lee:
Where and when can we watch the show?

Sunday nights, 8pm. We have a two hour premiere this Sunday night November 1st, we're very excited for season 2.

Jason Lee:
Thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. Eye Opener continues.

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