The Franklin Institute’s LEGO Exhibit “The Art of the Brick”

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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
With this hot weather, you may be looking for something to do with the kids, in air conditioning!
The Franklin Institute has a great exhibit going right now. Our Jason Lee has more.

Jason Lee:
An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it won't keep kids and kids at heart away from The Art of the Brick here at the Franklin Institute.

Troy Collins:
"Art of the Brick is the world's largest collection of Lego art all created by just a masterful artist, a gentleman by the name of Nathan Sawaya. In this particular exhibit there are over one hundred pieces ranging from reproductions of famous works of art to Nathan's original works some with over 80,000 bricks."

"Kids love the dinosaur. It's a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton...over 83,000 pieces. The adults seem to like a particular gallery where Nathan teamed with a photographer and actually superimposed Lego into the pictures and if you look around the gallery you can find those Lego pieces actually in their entirety right there in the gallery."

"We really expect this exhibition to set some records. The exhibit is here through Labor Day, it is selling out most weekends and we expect it to continue to do so throughout the summer and certainly as we get closer to closing people who have procrastinated a little bit tend to buy so we recommend that you do buy early."

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