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The Science Channel has introduced a brand new series “Street Science.”

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"It airs on the Science Channel Wednesdays at 10PM and we are having a lot of fun just going out on the street and showing everybody some of our favorite science demonstrations on a huge scale. And kind of looking at it from a whole new perspective with high-tech cameras and all kinds of fun stuff. It's really a great show."

Tell me about some of the experiments that you've brought to the streets.

"Well in the first episode you can see a classic kind of science demonstration called elephants toothpaste, which is a decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Now normally this is done in a lot of classrooms and science museums on kind of a smaller scale, but we took it outside and instead of just a flask we used a Volkswagen Bug. We made a gigantic geyser of foam behind the salon and the folks at the salon use a lot of hydrogen peroxide. They might not have really thought about it in this context before."

Very cool. So where did the concept for this show come from?

"Well the idea is to take some of the classic science demonstrations you might have seen online or at science museums or in classrooms, and take them out on the streets and talk to people about how they use science in their everyday lives. And sometimes even more than they realize."

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