Take a Vacation This Holiday at Kalahari Resorts

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Family vacations are not only a time to get away, but also a great opportunity to reconnect. In fact, a new study found they are vital to family bonds.

“The ARP did a study recently that found that family vacations are really important. They build connections, memories, and holidays are a great opportunity for families to get together.”

But travel expert and mom, Julie Ruditzky Loffredi says you may want to rethink how you get to your destination.

“We may want to avoid the airports at this time of year due to crowds and delays but road trips are a great alternative also triple A is reporting that gas prices will be steady through the holiday so good news there.”

Not sure where to go? Julie suggests trying out the latest family vacation trend.

“There’s actually an indoor water park boom going on right now. We’re here at the Kalahari Resorts and conventions. It’s the newest family owned, authentically African themed resort. Its call the worlds coolest water park by Traveler. They’ve got the spa, the restaurants and the bars for the adults and grandparents but they can also hit the indoor water park too with the kids. There’s a great area that’s just for toddlers here its call Tikos Watering Hole and the older kids can also learn how to surf which is kind of fun and there’s also a swim up bar for the adults as well.”

To book your fun family vacation, visit KalahariResorts.com.