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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
It's summer, and if you're one of the many looking to give your home a quick pick me up, home design expert Genevieve Gorder has some tips.  She spoke to our Jason Lee

Jason Lee:
Okay Genevieve, it's home makeover time so can you help us out?

Genevieve Gorder:
I can always help you out with home makeovers. So it's summer and none of us really want to do a ton of work, so I'm going to suggest a really quick, really really easy projects to do outside because that's where we're enjoying majority of our time during this time of year anyway. Correct?

Jason Lee:
Absolutely. Let's go for it. What do you have for us?

Genevieve Gorder:
Well the first thing I want to dig into is what's right behind me, and this is a deck. So we put it on its side so you could actually see the pattern. What irks me about outdoor space is that it's so blah. Typically decks are brown or gray, same with the patio, so what I'm suggesting really takes no longer than a day depending on the size of your deck or patio. And you take a stencil which you can buy online. This was about 30 dollars, kind of a moorish pattern. And with some Valspar exterior paint porch and deck latex we made this pattern. It's basically like a painted rug on top of the deck.

I don't care how long you've had your furniture...a season, ten seasons, it gets tired. I don't care how expensive it is, if you paid five thousand or five hundred, it ends up looking like this because of weather. So you literally dip these chairs in paint, and what I love about this solution is I'm not doing the top 20 percent. Having the contrast between old and new, you can see I'm bringing in a lot of the pastels here with Valspar color trends. They pick all these beautiful pallets that are trending right now, and this pastel groups is one of my favorites. This is the salmon bisque. And basically this gives protective layer for the chair, the table, whatever wood furniture you have.

And then pots, which are probably the least expensive player in the entire outside landscape and interior. I just suggest get the little terracotta, one dollar or two dollar pots, add some paint, dip them on their sides, strip them out. All of the sudden you have a really lux feeling without really spending a lot of money. And this can work in spray paints, this can work in exterior paints. It's genius.

Jason Lee:
Alright Genevieve, some great ideas there. Where can we go for more information?

Genevieve Gorder:
You can get all of this , my how-to tips on

Jason Lee:
Alright Genevieve Gorder thank you so much for your time this morning. We appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues.

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