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Jason Lee:
Amanda Good Morning. It's summertime. We want to get outside. Give us some ideas for entertaining.

Amanda Haas:
I love entertaining in the summer, but I really love being my own guest at a party.

So one of my first tips is to try to do as much in advance as possible so you can have a really good time and relax.

So this cantina taco party is perfect for getting outside. And I love to start it with homemade guacamole. Really easy to make and I just make it in this molcajete and I serve in it as well. So take a couple of avocados, some kosher salt, and pound that out. Then you just want to add some fresh lime juice and anything that you like. You can add chopped tomato, a little red onion, jalapeno if you'd like some spice in it. And if you want to make it ahead of time like I like to all you need to do is cover it with a little bit of saran wrap, press that down against the guacamole, refrigerate it for a few hours and then when you're ready to have your party all you do is take off that saran wrap and guess what? You still have that gorgeous green guacamole. Great color on it.

Jason Lee:
Amanda those drinks look fantastic tell me about them.

Amanda Haas:
So here I've got margaritas today and you can make them from scratch. I love doing that, but here at Williams Sonoma we've taken the time, used all natural ingredients to make three different margaritas mixes this year which are so easy to do. I'm using the pineapple today which is so good. You can do fresh lime or the mango one we have too, but all you do is add tequila to your favorite mix, stir it up. You can do this the morning of too which is so nice. Put it in the refrigerator and when your friends come over all you have to do is add ice and you're ready to serve.

Jason Lee:
Now what about saving time? So many of us are so busy these days. What do you tell people who say I don't have time for that?

Amanda Haas:
I am one of those people and I often say I don't have time, but guess what? We all have time for this and I always want to try to make time for my friends and family so I keep it simple. And one of my two biggest tips are to plan ahead just a little bit by one doing your grocery shopping all at once. If you can do it the weekend before it makes it so much easier or you know just go after work one night. And make that list so you don't forget anything.

The other thing I love to do is for all the accessories and all the things like I see here. I go to and I use visa checkout. It's the easiest way to checkout online. It's just a couple of clicks. It saves you so much time and it's so simple. So when it's time to throw the party you have everything you need.

One last tip is that I don't try to make my menu too fancy. You'll see today that for a taco party I've just worried about one appetizer, a simple cocktail, one beautiful side dish. Like I do beans or rice in this and for my tacos themselves I'll either get a really beautiful piece of skirt steak or a piece of fish and grill that with my tortillas and you're ready to go.

Jason Lee:
Alright Amanda Haas some great ideas there. Thanks so much for joining us this morning we appreciate it.

Amanda Haas:
Thanks so much for having me.

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