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Jennifer Lewis-Hall

For anyone who likes to work out, you know there are some essentials needs, our Jason Lee spoke to men's health magazine's Jay Cardiello to get some tips.

Jason Lee:
Jay Good Morning. Give us some must haves when it comes to working out.

Jay Cardiello:
A must have for working out especially these days we're running around outside is a great antiperspirant. And the Degree antiperspirant with motion sense technology is the only antiperspirant with activating micro capsules that are activated by movement. They break and release a burst of freshness that offers all day protection while you move throughout the day. And they have a great line that meets the needs for any man. The Degree Motion Sense series offers seven great scents. One of my personal favorites is Adventure. It mixes a bit of clean citrus with notes of wood and musk for a very rugged sense. So the way I move it holds up all day long. The Degree Motion Sense series retails for up to $4.49 and can be seen in stores nationwide.

Next we move on to summer grooming. We're looking at American Crew. And this is the leading men's grooming brand. And they have outstanding, easy to use products that can be found in salons and barber shops throughout the entire country.

And these days classic hairstyle is hot for the summer. The short to medium length just like myself and my client Ryan Seacrest. This is the hairstyle for the summer.

What American Crew has is liquid wax which is perfect for the short to medium hair length. And just a little goes a long way. It feels like gel but it goes on like a liquid. It's perfect for easy summer styling. It provides great definition, control, and texture with medium shine and holds. So this is great. It's a must have. It retails for $14.49 and to find more about this product and others you can go to

Jason Lee:
Alright Jay Cardiello from Men's Health Magazine great tips there. We appreciate it. Thanks for being with us this morning.

Jay Cardiello:
Thank you so much for having me.

Jason Lee:
And Eye Opener continues.

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