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Jason Lee: Hey Laurie, you got some summertime safety essentials for us this summer. What do you have?

Laurie Jennings: I have all kinds of safely essentials, and I mean first of all I think it is really important to build your own first aid kit. So, at Good HouseKeeping we are vetting thousands of products every year and one of the things for summer is… people are out and about. They are playing and running and can fall. So, it is really great to have an on the go first aid kit. One important things to put in the first aid kit are Cardinal Health wound care dressing, and these are products that recently earned the Good Housekeeping seal. They will protect you from minor aches, scrapes and all those bumps and bruises you get along the way in the summer.

Jason Lee: I have two kids who are always coming home with cuts and scrapes. What else should go in a basic first aid kit?

Laurie Jennings: Well, the next thing you want put in the first aid kit especially for summer if you are near water is something that is going to be a water resistant dressing. So, Cardinal Health has these transparent dressings. They also have hydrocolloid dressings and silicone bordered foam dressings. I have one right here so you know what it looks like and as you can see you have an area where you can cover the wound and this area around the border protects that wound and anything entering into the wound. So, if you put that on you can jump in the lake or the pool and you are not going to irritate that wound and its not going to get infected either. So, that is really important in terms of expediting the healing process.

Jason Lee: Absolutely! What else do you have for us this morning.

Laurie Jennings: Well, the other thing you want that obviously what comes up when kids are running around or even adults hiking and doing other things… you know you might end up with strains or sprains. So, Cardinal Health instant thermal products both hot and cold therapy whether you use the reusable one or the instant product are really helpful to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and again help the healing process happen.

Jason Lee: Alright Laurie. Where can we go for more information?

Laurie Jennings: For more information on summertime essentials you can check out and for great tips on what else to put in that first aid kit check out

Jason Lee: Alright! Laurie Jennings from GoodHouseKeeping magazine, we appreciate all the tips and thanks for joining us.

Laurie Jennings: My pleasure.

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