Summer Beauty Tips with Jenn Falik

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"Jenn summer is upon us. How can we keep our skin looking summer ready?"

"Keeping our skin summer ready starts with sun protection and La Roche-Posay has something called My UV patch. It`s the first ever stretchable skin censor that monitors both UVA and UVB rays so consumers can educate themselves on sun protection. It's this ultra-thin, transparent adhesive. It's thinner than the thickness of a human hair fiber and once you are exposed to UV rays the patch starts to change colors so you have indication of various levels of sun exposure. And users can scan their patch into a mobile app that goes with the adhesive and get alerts when the level of sun exposure may no longer be safe. You can wear this for up to three days swimming, in the shower, playing sports and its free when you buy an anthelios product on the La Roche-Posay website.

Talking about sunscreen, La Roche-Posay is a worldwide leader in UV protection. Also important to exfoliate in the summer, L'oreal bright reveal brightening peel pads are great to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and reduces the look of wrinkles over time also great to throw in your bag for travel.

Summer you need a great deodorant. Dove has a forty-eight hours of odor and wetness protection with a moisturizing formula that also deals with underarm issues beyond just odor and wetness. And two out of three women have things like skin irritation, uneven tone, dry skin, red marks so this is a great way to alleviate those issues and there are fifteen fragrances to choose from.

Last but not least, the eyes during the summer month, sand surf can really irritate them. We're out and about so Dickinson's original witch hazel de-puffing eye gel is a great option because it is gentle. Its got witch hazel caffeine, cucumber, and aloe in there to help awaken tired eyes in a nondrying soothing formula. Something fun about this brand is that witch hazel is a unique plant that flowers in the winter so Dickinson's is the national skin care partner of Keep America Beautiful and they are working with communities to put witch hazel plants in different communities to help give pollinators food to nourish baby bees all year long."

"I am definitely a fan of witch hazel. Thank you so much or joining us this morning."

"Thanks for having me."