Summer BBQ Tips and Tricks

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Barbecue’s in the summer are the perfect way to enjoy time with family and friends. Chef Lex Taylor has all the food, drink, and preparing tips and tricks that you will need to get your barbecue going.

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"First, you always want your barbecues to be easy, that's the first key and that's the first thing a lot of people get wrong. One of the great ways to do it, especially when you're dealing with the ultimate side which is coleslaw, is to use a LiteHouse slaw mix. What's great abut this is it's extra creamy, it's extra thick, you're not going to get that watered down effect. All you got to do is, it's sold cold so you mix it right in with slaw mix and it's got this perfect balance with sweet and tangy and it goes perfect with any kind of stuff like barbecue chicken, burgers and of course it works really well with pulled pork.

Now drinks, alright, we're not going to miss drinks. One of the ultimate drinks that I've been working with is angry orchard hard cider. It's refreshing, it's fruit forward, it's absolutely delicious, it goes so well with everything and kind of my go to one is the crisp apple, which now comes in a can, super convenient, or when you're manning the grill or just chilling by the fire and it is like taking a bite out of a fresh juicy apple, it is absolutely delicious. It works well with everything, those crispy notes to just really compliment your barbeque and the new one is the rose cider, it's made from these rare red flesh apples. It's got a light tan, kind of reminds you of a light dry wine, it's absolutely delicious, you can check them out at

Also, outdoor entertaining, you don't want to have those crazy messes with spilled wine and spilled oils and stuff like that. This next product I'm going to introduce you to is Dekton by Cosentino and it is an ultra durable, ultra compact. It is the most durable surface material on the market right now and it is fantastic for prepping foods. It's impervious to heat, it's impervious to cold, thawing, it doesn't scratch, no abrasions or anything like that. It's got 39 different colors, so it's great to go from indoor to outdoors seamlessly, it's fantastic staying up against the weather and it keeps your operation nice and clean."