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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
We all want to look great this summer, so PHL17’s Jason Lee spoke to OK Magazine’s Pandora Amoratis to get some style tips.

Jason Lee:
Pandora Good Morning. It's all about looking great this summer so what do you have for us?

Pandora Amoratis:
Okay well let's start with hair. I know this summer we're seeing a lot of loose beachy waves and braids, but no matter the style the foundation is always the same. Healthy, hydrated hair. Especially this time of year but you know actually summer is when the hair gets the most wear and tear so it's important to treat and protect it from the dry heat, the sea salt, and the sun. All of the things that make your hair dry, frizzy, and unruly. So the key is a moisturizing conditioner. This is a summer hair must. It is the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal collection. It is your best friend for beautiful locks. The conditioning formula keeps hair looking healthy, shiny, soft, and protected from damage throughout the season. Added bonus once a week use the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Intensely Hydrated Mask. It penetrates into the hair for intense moisture and protection against damage. Its great after a week of fun in the sun. You can find them at drugstores. They are $3.99 and $7.99 each.

Next up perfect summer lip balms. Carmex click sticks. They have sunscreen with SPF 15 and a seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. They are a must for summer. They help protect lips against UVA and UVB rays. They decrease the risk of skin cancer and prevent early skin aging caused by the sun. They contain a unique blend of soothing and nourishing ingredients that seal in moisture on the surface so lips stay soft and supple all day. They are very travel friendly. They are only $1.59. You can find them at mass and drugstores. They come in original, cherry, and strawberry. For more information you can go to

Jason Lee:
And what else do you have for us real quick before we wrap this up?

Pandora Amoratis:
Well you know you definitely for summer you have to kind of cover up your whole body with an SPF, wear your sunglasses, wear a wide brim hat, keep hydrated, wear loose, comfortable cotton clothing. Things that breathe. And that's pretty much it. You're all set. It's all about protection so you can look your best.

Jason Lee:
Alright good advice for the summer season Pandora Amoratis from OK Magazine. Thanks so much for the time this morning. We appreciate it.

Pandora Amoratis:
Thank you so much.

Jason Lee:
And Eye Opener continues.

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