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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:
Fans of Salem are getting ready for the season finale this weekend. Our Jason Lee spoke to the show’s star, Seth Gabel.

Jason Lee:
Seth Good Morning. Tell us about Salem for anybody who hasn't watched the show. What's it all about?

Seth Gabel:
It's about a lot of things. Season one is all about the Salem witch trials which we all learned about in high school. But what you discover through the course of the series is that witches were indeed real. But witches weren't being killed during those witch trials, the witches were actually running them and causing the Puritan people to kill innocent lives in order to complete what was called their grand right which was this witch right that would literally bring hell to the earth. So it's incredibly high stakes.

Season two is all about this grand right being completed and different warring witch factions from around the world descending onto Salem and fighting over who will be responsible for bringing hell to the earth and getting to sit on the throne besides the devil himself. So it's incredibly high stakes. I play Cotton Mather, a reverend who is charged with trying to first run the witch trials and then ultimately try to stop these witches from doing what they're doing.

Jason Lee:
So the season finale is this weekend. Where and when can we watch it?

Seth Gabel:
WGN America. 10/9 Central.

Jason Lee:
Seth Gabel thanks so much for your time this morning. And Eye Opener continues.

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