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Nathan Lyons: I am Nathan Lyons, Emmy nominated chef and cookbook author and I am here to share with you the secrets about sustainable seafood. Now, everyone knows that people love eating seafood. However, if we want to continue enjoying it, we need to protect the ocean and environment. When you choose sustainable seafood, that means it is caught or farmed in ways that are friendlier to the environment. By making smart choices, you can enjoy a great meal while taking care of the earth at the same time. That is a win, win. But how do you find out what seafood is sustainable and not? It's so easy. You download the seafood watch app. Seafood watch app it is a program from the Matra Bay aquarium that gives you all the information you need. The app gives you what seafood is the best choice. In addition, what seafood you should avoid. You simply type in the name of the fish you are interested in and all the information you need is right there. The sustainable seafood app will also show you partners like Whole Foods right there in your city, where they have so many types of sustainable seafood offered. Talking about sustainable seafood, I have made four dishes. One is a great choice, chosen by seafood watch. Fish tacos. Who doesn't love fish tacos? These are my spiced cat fish tacos, with fresh avacados, and smoked chipotle crema. Right here is pan fried U.S. farmed tilapia over a silky bed of slow raised leeks. This salad is fantastic for picnics. This is my white bean salad with skipjack tuna and fresh shaved parmesan. And last but not least, buttery pan seared wild salmon over orange and fennel salad. All the recipes are on seafood watch blog and you can find more information at But don't forget about that app. It will make things so much easier. Enjoy.

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