Quick and Delicious Recipes for National Seafood Month

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October is National Seafood Month, which means it’s a time to explore the heart-smart benefits of seafood. Retail Dietitian Supervisor at ShopRite, Stephanie Perez, joins us in the kitchen to talk about some tasty, healthy and (most importantly) easy seafood recipes.

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Dietitian, Stephanie Perez, talks about some of the benefits of seafood and shares her favorite recipes.

"Seafood is a powerhouse food. So you're not only getting the lean protein, which can help you stay full until you eat next. You're getting those essential omega-3 fatty acids too.

When it comes to quick snacks- If you're a mom, you know what it's like to have the kids get hungry after school. One perfect snack is taking a slice of cucumber, mixed in with Chicken of the Sea's Chunk Light Tuna and a little bit of ricotta cheese. This pumps up that protein a little more. Then we add some other fresh ingredients like fresh lemon juice, basil and capers too.

If you like to pack your lunch- When you only have a minimal ingredients, we want to have bold flavors involved. I start with a bed of arugula, it already has its own natural peppery taste.  Then we add radishes, some fennel, and we can use Chicken of the Sea's Solid White Albacore tuna.

Now, we eat with our eyes and as a dietitian, I am always recommending my customers to try and eat the rainbow. Meaning that you're getting different fruits and vegetables of different colors that provide different nutrients too. This colorful, tasty Albacore Bliss Bowl is full of lean protein and veggies- great for lunch or any time of day!"

For more information or while you're picking up some of these ingredients at your local ShopRite, you can go and ask the retail dietitians for more questions.

To find a ShopRite dietitian near you, you can call 1-800-ShopRite or visit ShopRite.com.

For more recipe inspiration, visit ChickenoftheSea.com/fishcalledchicken.

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