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Anyone who wants to lose weight to look better on the beach, there’s a way to do that. Take a look…

Hey I’m Dr. Vince Fraumeni from NutriMost. Come on by and see us and I’ll show you how to lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days.

In 25 years of practice, I’ve never seen anything that works as predictably and as consistently as NutriMost does.

“My first 40 days of NutriMost I lost 42 pounds and then I went and did a second cycle and I lost another 20 pounds. I lost six sizes in my jeans. I’m no longer a double x shirt, now I’m a single x shirt. I probably could be a large if I wanted.”

Unlike any other weight loss system out there, it’s customized to each individual. You know, look around at different people. They’re different shapes, different sizes; people eat differently, they act differently. We hook a person up to a machine and we’re able to test that person for over 2,800 different factors relative to their body’s ability to burn, store, metabolize fat.

“This system is amazing. There is no exercise. They don’t want you exercising, so in the beginning I had to get used to cooking at home, cooking vegetables, which I never cooked, and eating fruit three times a day.”

We can find out exactly where the hormones and nutrients gone out of balance, balance them all without drugs or surgery or shots or any of that stuff. Four years ago I did this program and I lost 37 pounds in 40 days, went out to do it again I lost another 17 pounds. That put me at about 55 pounds I lost in 60 days and after being in practice for 25 years my patients were looking at me saying “what are you doing, sign me up!”

“I probably did every diet out there. I did Overeaters Anonymous. I did Weigh Down. I did Weight Watchers. I did shakes and liquid protein things. I tried everything. This is the last thing I’ll ever need to try because I know it works. I lost 30 pounds, 47 inches of fat.”

“NutriMost has done wonders for me. It’s like liposuction in a bottle. It has given my life back. I feel 25 years old again.”

“I wear my teenager daughters’ clothing. I wear their skinny jeans! What grandmom doesn’t want to wear their girls’ skinny jeans.”

“It’s 40 days worth extra years on your life to spend with your children. It’s 40 days sacrifice to see pounds and your whole life come back to perspective, to what you used to be in your teens and early twenties.”

“Its given me my life back, saved my life.”