November is Bladder Health Month!

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Joining us now is Dr. Enemchukwu and comedian Ellen Karis. November is bladder health month, so Doctor, what exactly is overactive bladder?

Dr. Enemchukwu: "It is a chronic condition that is characterized by the symptoms of sudden urges to urinate, frequent urination, getting up at night to urinate, and even leakage of urine before even making it to the bathroom."

Wow. So, it is a very serious issue. And Ellen, I hear you have some funny lengths women go through to in order to gain access to bathrooms.

Ellen Karis: "Well, they have done a survey of 1,600 women to find out what women will do to relieve themselves, and one of them that I love is that women will go into a store and buy a random item just as an excuse to use the bathroom. That one and the hotel guest, they will pretend they're an hotel guest and they'll go in just to use the toilet because they're embarrassed."

Wow, the lengths they will go! Thank you so much ladies. Where can we go for more information?

Ellen Karis: Stopstalling is a great website. It gives you all these tips you can do. I highly recommend it.