New Year, New You

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Bahar: Hi... I am Bahar Takhtehchian lifestyle and beauty expert... And today we are going to talk about great ways to invest in yourself inside out so you feel and look your best... Now September is self improvement month... Its a great time to re assess all of those amazing goals and resolutions that you have made in the new year... The time to ask yourself how am i doing... Where am i... And what changes do i need to make... Now i think some of the goals a lot of us have made are exercising more... Maybe you have tried to loose weight... Perhaps you have tried to save some money... The key to really sticking to your goals and achieving them is to make small changes that have a big impact overtime... There was a recent survey found that 45% of women were more motivated to make improvements that they would see quick results by the end... So we all want to see those results.. And when you see results you have more confidence on the inside out... Now another way to feel confident and look your best is to really improve your smile and your teeth... Two out of five women say that and improved smile would give them a confidence boost and 36% said that would make them happier... The obvious ways to make our teeth and smile look better are of course go to the dentist... Brush your teeth... But really the best thing you can do to improve your smile and teeth is to try Invisalign clear aligners... Now these are great... Its a series of removable aligners that gradually move your teeth overtime and they are barely visible so no one is even going to know that you are going through treatment... Not only do they make your teeth look better... But they really help to treat major teeth issues you may have... And the pricing is more affordable than you may think... Its really comparable to metal braces... Now another thing you can do to improve the way you look and feel is to improve your skin... You really want to take care of your skin by washing your face every day and night... Using SPF daily even in the winter and fall... And of course have fun with some of those fall beauty trends... We are seeing hair trends... Low buns are really big on the red carpet... Platinum hair has been a huge trend for fall... As far as makeup goes... Lost of bold colors on your lips... Rich berries... And of course you want to make sure for eyes you are using bronze shadows is something we are really seeing on the red carpet and it is so appropriate for fall.

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