New Star Wars Smart Toy lets you control things with your mind?!

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Jason Lee: Tory controlling things with your mind... is this really true?

Tory Belleci: Me... coming from MythBusters... I was a skeptic right away and I am like... alright.... let me be the judge of this. But it actually works... it is kind of weird how it works. The way it works is that you wear this headset and these sensors right here will read your brain activity. It is like a EEG and the more you concentrate the more these brain waves you create. It will read that and send a Bluetooth signal to an iPad or tablet that you download an app on and you can actually move these holograms in this game. It is kind of weird.

Jason Lee: Talk about connecting Star Wars mythology with actual science and technology.

Tory Belleci: When I first saw the movie Star Wars that got me excited about science... it got me excited about getting into the movie industry and that is kind of what changed the path of my life. And so many other people... I mean everybody is fanatic over Star Wars and that is what this toy and a lot these toys at have in common... it is not just play... these are smart toys... these are toys that are going to get kids excited about science... get their imagination going. So that way we have this future... we are building these kids up for the future of science.

Jason Lee: Technology is an amazing thing isn't it my friend... Thanks Tory for being with us we appreciate it.
Tory Belleci: Thank you.

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