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Career Discovery and Personal Development Coach Alissa Carpenter joined us to talk about the future of the workforce.

As always, the workplace is shifting and evolving.

“The 9-5 office structure is really out the window. There are a lot of things being done virtually so it’s really important to build relationships and community with people who aren’t even in your office. The basis to really do that is trust,” said Carpenter.

The idea of technology is huge. Although there are a lot of training sessions on HOW to use and WHAT it looks like, there aren’t many sessions on WHEN to use it and WHY to use it. So what are the procedures?

“When you’re thinking about those employees who are newer in the workforce, you really need those professional development opportunities. You really need to give them projects where they can have ownership, really have experiences and really provide feedback.”

Carpenter suggested an interesting program she institutes.

“You have a millennial or a gen z employee and you have a baby boomer.  Usually millennials or gen z might be up on the newest technology and can really help that employee through that process and really engage them. The baby boomer can bring them in on meetings they wouldn’t otherwise go to and give them exposure and experience.”

This reverse mentoring is meant to be reciprocal with employees working together to get something from each other across generations.

Want to learn more? Head to Carpenter’s website!