Melissa Foss Gives the Details on a Winter Beauty Survival Guide.

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This is the time when there is a lot of winter beauty bummers that we really want to address.

First, I want to give a tip about showering. You might really want to take a hot shower right now but that will dry your skin out more, so go for lukewarm water instead.  Another tip, I have is to choose products for your skin that are specifically formulated to battle the itchiness that we can all get this time of year. My pick is Curel skin care. It has two new products from the line, they are formulated to actually solve this problem, there's body wash which is soap free - soacan be very drying to your skin. It has a blend of cleansers and conditioners, such as jojoba oil and olive oil that makes your skin feel so soft, while also making it very clean.

Moving on to the second step of this process, a targeted solution known as the instant soothing moisturizing spray. You can spray this on and get that cool, soft feeling right away. It also helps protect the moisture barrier so you keep that hydration in all day. It also calms flare ups, and address Eczema which can be very uncomfortable for so many people. It has been approved by the National Eczema Association , and it is also affordable as it sells for $7 to $9 dollars at mass retailers.

Next up, I want to talk about getting colds in the winter months, germs live longer in the colder weather. There are great supplements from Rainbow Light. They're natural, they have herbal blends, they have Vitamin C and Zinc, and they really work to support your Immune Health. They have great options for Men, Women, Teens and even Prenatal options. You can get them everywhere. You can get them at RAINBOWLIGHT.COM, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods.

Last, I want to talk about is hair. Hair is everything so we want to make sure we all have good hair days in the middle of Winter. There's a great new product called NUTRAFOL; this helps to prevent the thinning of hair its the first to market, it addresses stress, hormones, and is clinically proven to use natural ingredients so the results are natural, thicker and fuller hair. We have amazing before and after pictures that you can see really show how wonderfully it works. It is endorsed by doctors, and you can get it easily at NUTRAFOL.COM - highly recommend. I know Debra Messing is a fan, its really a great thing and in about 3-6 months you'll see the results.

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