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Jason Lee: Good morning. Tell us some ways to improve the appearance of our skin.

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech: Well this is the thing. My patients last winter, they could hide everything with turtlenecks and scarves, but now it is summer, so you are out on the beach and no where can't to hide. The thing that my patience complain about most is this thickness or double chin. They don't like it. They feel older. They feel more overweight, but now the great thing is we have a special treatment and it's a treatment that you can have in the office without surgery or without down time.

Jason: So what are some other problem areas?

Doctor: The area around the chin and what we can do for this area is we can treat it with a great treatment called kybella. We call it a deoxycollide acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule that can be injected underneath the chin and it can dissolve that fat without the downtime and without swelling that we get with surgery. Patients can do it and they can go right back the office and then get right out to the beach this weekend.

Jason: What are some other areas that other patients need help with and complain about?

Doctor: Patients also complain about other areas where they feel  hollowed out. They don't like that they are loosing facial fat and they feel like they are older. So other things like botox can relax the lines and also we can fill in other areas with jubaderm and other products to lift or veluma which is another product to lift and feel better. So those are all things that can help.

Jason: Doctor, real quick, talk about the importance of appearance in terms of your self confidence.

Doctor: It has everything to do with self confidence. That's in fact why most patients come into my office. It's more about career and the selfies on social media. Appearance has everything to do with your confidence, career, and family.

Jason: Where can we go for more information?

Doctor: You can get more information at and you can find a treating physician near you.

Jason: Alright Doc, great stuff! We appreciate your time. Thanks for joining us.

Doctor: Thanks so much Jason. Thanks for having me.

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