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Jason Lee:
Doctor, let me start with you, so many people have been impacted by lung cancer talk about lung cancer research.

Dr. Denise Aberle:
One of the major challenges about lung cancer is that it is severely underfunded relatively when compared to other cancers, most people are unaware that lung cancer kills more people than breast cancer, prostate cancer or colon cancer. And that's one of the problems, a  lack of awareness and now there is the fact that many lung cancers victims don't survive. So we don't have people who can actually share their experiences. And then finally there is a stigma associated with lung cancer and that is because it is so commonly associated with smoking. We need to be able to get rid of that stigma, we need to be able to educate people and we need to increase funding for lung cancer research, which is one of the primary goals of LCF America.

Jason Lee:
Now, Julia I'd love to talk about your experience of lung cancer.

Julia Cohen:
Okay so my grandfather passed five years ago from lung cancer and I wanted to do something to honor him, to remember him by with my friends and family and so I have been working with LCFA for the past four or five years and I've been doing many organizations with them, including the 30 Days 30 Ways campaign which is happening in November and I encourage everyone to try and do something to honor someone that they lost to lung cancer.

Jason Lee:
The Lung Cancer Foundation of America does fantastic work, where can we go for more information.

Dr. Denise:
So the Lung Cancer Foundation of America has a website, it's called

Jason Lee:
Okay Dr. Denise Aberle, Julia Linden, thanks for being with us. Eye Opener continues.

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