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‘Tis the season for holiday parties and looking your best. Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe shares how to get her “Bowe Glow.”

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Dr. Bowe, December is filled with holiday parties, Christmas cards and family get togethers. All reasons to look our best. So what steps can we take to ensure this?

"Three of the hottest procedures I'm doing in my office right now are Botox cosmetic, Juvederm which is a line of different fillers, which just lifts, contours, tightens, and smooths out those lines on the face. Also Kybella which actually dissolves away the fat underneath the chin so it helps to contour and tighten up the jaw line. Those are pretty hot right now leading up to party season."

What's the difference between a woman coming in who wants to get something done and a male coming in who wants to get something done?

"Excellent question. So you know with men and women anatomy is a little bit different. Also what's considered beautiful or aesthetically attractive is different.

So with a woman often times when she's coming in to get Botox cosmetics she wants that sort of sexy arch to the brow, defined contour cheekbones.

As with a man he wants to have more of a flat, low set brow. It's considered more attractive and having a more pronounced jaw line is more attractive. You know it really does sort of change the technique that I use, but I can use the same products to achieve that. So I love using Botox cosmetics for men and women, they both love it.

As far as fillers, Juvederm is a range of fillers. You can use Voluma for up to two years. It will last a very long time. Men love that because they don't really like to come in as frequently. They don't embrace that whole maintenance idea quite as well as women do. Juvederm Voluma is great for those fine lines around the lips that a lot of women complain about, but I feel like Kybella is such an equal opportunity procedure. I have so many men who come in and say they just hate that double chin and you know that thick neck and it just feels uncomfortable when they're wearing a tie and a buttoned up shirt. I feel like I'm doing Kybella in just as many men as I am women."

So where can we go for more information?

"Sure, you can go to botoxcosmetic.com juvederm.com or mykybella.com for more information."

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