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John Jacobs: Hi I am John Jacobs. I am a co-founder of Life is Good and over 20 years ago my brother and I coming out of ollege were looking for a way to make a living creating art. We ended up designing selling college tshirts in college dorm rooms up and down the east coast. We did this for five years. Living on peanut butter and jelly. Sleeping in our van. We were pretty pathetic in terms of our sales performance. Eventually in 1994, we finally had a great idea to help focus on the good in their lives. We made our fist Life is Good tshirt and it sold like crazy right out of the gates and all types of people were buying. So the message has carried us forward, but unexpectantly we started getting letters and emails from people facing great adversities, whether it was cancer, loss of a loved one and they were incredibly moving letters but we did not know what to do with them so we finally realized we need to share them. We recently published the book Life is Good, which features our best graphics from 20 years and our favorite sayings, top ten list, funny stories, but at the heart of the book is these incredibly compelling stories that have been shared from our community and now we encourage you to share your story of a hero that aspires you. Tell us about your heroes at lifeisgood/heroes/com and tell us about a person who inspires you to do good in your life. Thank you again and a dollar from every story we hear will go to a kids foundation and thank you for helping us grow the good.

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