Holiday Grooming Gifts For The Man In Your Life

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Lifestyle expert Clint Carter joins us for tips on how to get the man in your life holiday ready!

Clint, shopping season is in full swing, so what gift ideas do you have for the man in your life that might be a little difficult to shop

“Yeah I have something that will apply to all men. It goes to that ritual that we all go through everyday of shaving. So these are products that come from a company called The Art of Shaving, who has the goal of inducting discernment into the brotherhood of shaving.

The company has Art of Shaving stores all over the country, about half of them have barber spas. These are designed to bring that barber spa experience into the home. The first one is the peppermint shaving cream and the peppermint body wash. They are made with essential oils, coconut oil and they smell really nice, but more importantly, they do a really great job of softening the skin and making it feel healthy. So especially this time of year when there is a lot of indoor heating and cold weather, you want your skin to feel moisturized. This does a really good job and it gives you a really smooth shave.

Then next, you want to have a substantial razor. Again, this is something you do everyday so you want to invest in getting a really good handle to go with that blade. Right now, they have the Morris Park Razors, which are really good. They have a really nice blade, inspired by vintage race cars. They’ve got those hits of chrome, a glossy finish and are available in three different colors. A nice weight to it too so it feels like you’re doing something very substantial for the morning. It feels like a nice experience.

To celebrate, the Art of Shaving has been around for twenty years so to celebrate that they have a line of fragrances out right now. Really nice fragrances. Things like sandal wood and cypress, coriander and cardamom. They smell really good and they are about $100 each. This is another really nice gift idea.

This is a shaving stand that has a razor blade that you can pick out which kind of handle you want on that, but also the shaving brush. This is a really great kind of overlooked part of getting a really thick lather, especially if you have sensitive skin or you want to celebrate that ritual moment, the shaving brush is great.

These are amazing kits that can go from $150 all the way up to $800 depending on how much of a premium setup that you want. So great products, not just about the luxury of that ritual in the morning, but also just about making sure that your skin feels healthy so really good products here and you can find information on all of them on”

Well Clint, you definitely just relieved some holiday stress for some women watching. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

“Yeah absolutely, thanks for having me on.”