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Who better to turn to for home improvement than HGTV personalities Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri? Hear their top tips for maintaining your home.

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Maintenance means less money over a longer period of time as a opposed to replacement, which is a large lump sum all at once.

First tip? Schedule everything!

"Throw it in your calendar app and when it beeps at you, do what it says. It makes it really, really easy. It gets you into a routine," said Carrino.

Next, it's important to address your water. Philadelphia has hard water meaning the water has a high mineral content.

"You want to be using two bags of Morton Water Softener salt every two months. It pulls out everything that is going to be a detriment to your home...all the minerals that are making your appliances work harder, all the minerals that are putting spots on your glasses, making your skin feel dry, making your laundry crunchy..."

If you're unsure if you have hard water, go to and they'll send you a free water test kit.

Thirdly, check in on your heating and cooling.

"Every three months you want to change out filters. You have your filters for over your kitchen hoods. Make sure you're taking those out. Put them in the dishwasher. Every six months you can clean behind the fridge. You can get the dust behind the coils. You can go into your dryer vent.  Change the batteries in any of your smoke alarms. Those are things you really want to focus on," added Colaneri.

All of these steps will help you save money in the long run.

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