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Jason: Dr. Good morning. Tell us how we can achieve optimal health.

Dr. Anderson: well thank you Jason. It's great to be here today. Optimal health is basically being the best version of Ourself. Most people think well...how do i do that...i can hardly keep my weight down...i'm stressed out at work...i am not eating the right things. It's really about awakening yourself to the possibilities and understanding how to do that. And what i do and what i have done as a critical care physician is learn that most of us wait until we are reacting to a disease before we make any decisions to change our life. We have a heart attack or a stroke and obviously we can't do that anymore and we don't want that to happen for ourselves or our family or people that are important to us. So what we focus in is how do we eat better...how do we eat more...handle stress...sleep better and do all of those things in small little increments. So what i like to do is pick a couple of small things to start with. Make sure you are around people that are like minded and put yourself in position to have the proper support. I wrote a book called the habits of health and discover your optimal health and what we are doing is having a national health day which is all about being aware and making the decision to start making some choices that move you toward health versus toward disease. So do one Pushup tomorrow. Just simply decide that every day you are going to do one Pushup. Put that on your calender and make that a reality and check that off every day and over time you will start adding other things that will help your health.

Jason: OK great suggestions there. But give us some habits for good health.

Dr. Anderson: OK well get rid of sugary substances. Eat more fruits and vegetables. There are lots of things That have a sweet taste to them as they are naturally sugar and basically salt and things we want to cut out in our diet. We want o go to sleep a little early. We think sleep is a luxury but it actually isn't. And the other thing is handle stress. You know i love to have our patients and clients take deep breathes and it really make the difference. What is cool about this is we can make a difference but we have to get started so start focusing on your health and literally get some help...get a health coach to help you and hat's why we are here at take shape for life...to help make a difference so Jason thank you so much for having me on today.

Jason: my pleasure Dr. Anderson. Where can we go for more information?

Dr. Anderson: take shape for life dot com. You can go there and learn and there is a well being evaluation. You can go there to see how healthy you really are and we will show you some different ways to start working on your health.

Jason: all right Dr. Anderson. We appreciate the time. Thanks for being with us. And eye opener continues.


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