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PHL17’s Lauren Berman: Katie, what is your go to gear for kids heading back to school?

Katie Linendoll, Tech Expert: I think the biggest thing is the backpack, everyone is always sizing each other up, and this one here is from Five Star, and you can check these out. They have rip resistant material, three  different colors, and they have a number of different styles whether it is seven  inches of extra storage or one with installation for lunch, and of course my favorite is the compartments to protect your extra tablet or your devices you need to go back to school. So, check these out at Next stop head to toe that you gear out at Kids Foot Locker. Looking for the whole package to stay hype then you have the Adidas Original Pro Sneaker, which is a classic shell toe and iconic look head to toe. They come in a number of different colors and of course you can complete the look with the Super Star track top and matching pants from Kids Foot Locker. And over here, this is something I have in my purse and this is a must-have go-to! This is a high quality audio mic for an iPhone and this is the MV88 from Shure and great for back to school for professors lectures, note taking, performances and events on campus. All you have to do is pop it into that lightening port, download the free app, and you can actually customize all the recording different features. So, Shure MV88 is a nice go to option for any iPhone users in terms of the digital high quality recording. To stay on the theme of audio, this is a sleek digital music system from KEF, and KEF we know has been around for a long time. They are known for their depth and equality in audio. This is the egg wireless digital music system, which is versatile in was that it can connect to your TV and laptop to your Xbox. It has a remote that goes with it and all of the cables and it you can even use the remote to switch the input so you don`t have to get up, which I absolutely love. And yes, great superior audio quality. Now two more gadgets to give you…this one here is from The Shops.TV and when it comes back to back to school you need that great laptop. This is the Dell 15 Inspiron 3000 and it is retailed for $830 and on The Shops.TV for $349. It is selling out quickly, so make sure you take advantage of that great savings. And last but certainly not least, these are accessories from Belkin. These are must haves! If you are like me and you are on the road and always running out of power on your iPhone… well guess what, they have you covered with the MIXIT Metallic Power Pack. Two USB ports, slim, and portable. It keeps your devices powered throughout the day and it is 25% off with the code Belkin 25.

PHL17’s Lauren Berman: Where can we go for more information?

Katie Linendoll, Tech Expert: For all of these gadgets you can go to

PHL17’s Lauren Berman: Great!  Katie Linendoll, tech expert. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Great tips there.

Katie Linendoll, Tech Expert: Thank you.

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