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There is a new way to help others --  while enjoying yourself at the same time.  It's called "social impact travel".  Our Jason Lee spoke to Tara Russell from carnival cruise line to find out more.

Jason Lee:
"Tara Good Morning. I love this concept "Social Impact Travel." Tell us about it."

Tara Russell:
"We're really excited to bring Fathom to life. Fathom is a whole new travel experience. Social Impact Travel really allows travelers to combine their gifts, their talents, their passions with meaningful impact opportunities in the world. And so what we've done is we've made it really easy for people to plug in and to figure out whatever those ways that they can give back on their travel but also back home. And so for us it's not just about this trip it's about the whole journey and so we're really excited for the experiences now coming to life. So we look forward to everybody hopping online to fathom.org and checking out what we're doing and hopefully booking your trip quickly because they're filling up fast."

Jason Lee:
"So this is perfect for people who want to make a difference, but maybe aren't sure how to. Correct? "

Tara Russell:
"Well exactly, you know. Our trips will happen from Miami, so it'll be a seven day trip. Leaving from Miami headed to Puerto Plata which is on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic and returning directly to Miami so we hope you'll book your trip today at Fathom.org.  "

Jason Lee:
"Now that sounds awesome. Tara Russell we appreciate your time this morning. Thanks for being with us. "

Tara Russell:
"Thanks Jason. It's good to be with you. "

Jason Lee:
"And Eye Opener continues. "

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