Genghis Kahn Exhibit at the Franklin Institute

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Don Lessem
This exhibit is devoted to the real Genghis Khan. The one you didn`t learn about in school. Not just the worlds greatest conquer but the worlds greatest civilizer. The reason why you have pants and paper money and lemons and all kinds of things you never gave him credit for. For most people they never been to Mongolia so they do not understand what he is. He is the father of their country. He is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln all together who gave them a written language. So we brought them Genghis Khan`s world Mongolia to the franklin. Not only do you see hundreds of artifacts that were never displayed anywhere before but you get the sites and even the smells of Mongolia. You can hear the horses going in the background you see the grasslands life that he lived in all the way to the cities that his sons built. And the palaces that his grandson Kublai Khan made when he first brought China all together. When you are in the exhibition you are apart of the exhibition. Take a card any card and you become and identity. And you find in each room as a spy or a solider a princess what becomes of you in course of the empire. We have touch screen monitors in each room. We have activities for everyone and one of them is you find out ok pretty much when did I get killed. The exhibits here until the 3rd of January and this is the only place in the northeast this exhibit will eve be. Its been touring the world for 6 years. Its been in three countries but after this it goes to China and we will never see it again.

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