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Game Day Food Ideas

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The big game is this weekend and we found the best party food ideas your guests will love! Celebrity chef, George Duran, shares with us his favorite food and drink ideas for the ultimate game day watch party.

“You know a big game day party is all about flavor and I found the best dips, chips, and desserts. So we’re going to start off the bat with the number one brand of mustard from French’s. They now have a great tasting ketchup. French’s ketchup is delicious, it has no high fructose corn syrup and is non-GMO. It’s great for any tailgating favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs. But it’s also perfect from my must-try dip of the season, jalapeño cheeseburger dip. Made with ketchup, mustard, and their crispy fried jalapeños. I’ve also used this to make my Sweet and Spicy ketchup glazed wings, with a little bit of French’s RedHot sauce for a little bit of a kick. And you’ve got to have chips for the big game right? So Popchip Ridges have really bold flavor and big crunch. Something you would expect from a fried chip but their popped instead of fried so you get less than half the fat and calories from regular rigged chips. It comes in perfect salted, tangy barbecue, cheddar and sour cream. Perfect for dipping. And speaking of dips, I’ve made my infamous sriracha-pork dip. It’s so easy to make because the Smithfield Sweet Teriyaki Tenderloin is already pre-marinated for you. You’re removing all the prep work this way you save time. They have flavors like garlic herb and apple-wood smoked bacon – all work great with this dip as well. All these recipes on”