Fitness Hacks To Consider With Your 2017 Health Resolutions

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If you’re struggling to keep those fitness resolutions in the new year, here are some tips to help you stay on track.

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"My top tip is to always set yourself up for success. You want to prioritize nutrition, but even the best laid and strategized plans can go out the window when life derails us. I don't know about you Jenna, but my life is far from perfect. And I know that I would really love to have some whole food snack in the afternoon, but when something comes up you are going to default to whatever is in front of you.

And if you work in an office, what does that mean? Often times that's the conference room cookie tray. It's the plate of brownies that winds up in the kitchen or it's the old vending machine. So just have a very simple healthy snack in your desk drawer or your purse. Pure Protein Bars are perfect for it."

What are healthy snacks that we can take with us on the go?

"Absolutely, first and foremost Pure Protein Bars. They're very clean - high protein content is going to keep you fuller longer. There's very little sugar. Plus they're not filled with all of the weird ingredients that you can't pronounce that you find in most packaged processed foods. Like I say, also default to a very real whole food. But since it's very unlikely that you're going to keep grilled chicken in your purse just default to something very simple like a Pure Protein Bar."

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