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Jason: Good morning, thank you both for being here. You recently did a round table discussion on eye care and found out some surprising things. Tell us about that.

Dr. Jacquot: Dr. Grover and myself along with leaders in vision care throughout the US got together to talk about what we know is an under utilized tool in health care. And that is a regular, comprehensive eye exam. And what we found is that people are not getting their eyes examined as often as they really need to. There are eye conditions that lurk beneath the surface that don’t have symptoms that can cause problems later on. So we want to make sure that we’re getting the word out to consumers as well as health care practitioners about the importance of regular eye care and how it fits in with someone’s overall health and wellness regimen.

Jason: Now talk about what a comprehensive eye exam entails.

Dr. Grover: It’s a way for us to take a look at your eye and visual system from the front to the back, eye health, how your eyes work together. It’s also very important because it lets us take a good look at what’s going on inside your body. So it’s really a head to toe look through your eyes.

Jason: So where can we all go for more information?

Dr. Grover: AOA.org, there’s a doctor locator where you can find a doc. OPT.org also has information.

Dr. Picquot: And there is great eye health information on Lenscrafters.com, you can actually go on the website and schedule your eye exam online.

Jason: Sounds great. Important information there. Thank you both for being with us, we appreciate it. Eye Opener continues.