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Jason Lee:
How did you go from talking business to acting, how did that happen?

Donny Duetsch:
I'm not quite sure. You know, interestingly enough, when you are a CEO of a large company and we've seen some of them on TV like Donald Trump, there's a performance aspect to it. Not in an authentic way but you're presenting a leadership side of yourself, your motivational side of yourself, and then as a talkshow host or somebody who does hundreds of hours of live television, the Morning Show, the Today Show, improving for hours another version of yourself. So you know it's obviously a jump but I can even argue that now in my new show, I play a characterized baffoon version of myself, so it's another kind of performance. But, not complete apples and oranges.

Jason Lee:
I understand you spent some time in Philadelphia, talk about that if you would.

Donny Duestch:
I'm a Philly guy, I mean I was born in New York and I live in New York, but I went to school at the University of Pennsylvania, spent four years there, and Philly is in my heart and soul, it is one of the few towns in this country that has a soul, I love it. I hear Philadelphia, I smile. If I'm watching an Eagles game, I am rooting for the Giants, full disclosure. But I love Philly man. It is my second favorite city in this country. And it just keeps getting better and better. I'm not just saying it because I am doing a Philly interview now, I just love this town.

Jason Lee:
You had me right up until the Giant line Donny.

Full disclosure.

Jason Lee:
We appreciate the candor. Where and when can we watch Donny?

It premieres November 10th Tuesday night at 10:30pm on USA Network and you're going to laugh I promise you.

Jason Lee:
Donny, if you come back to Philly cheesesteaks are on me my friend.

You got it Jason.

Jason Lee:
And Eye Opener continues.

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