Creative Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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From appetizers to dessert, and even the clean up . . . Bahar Takhtehchian joined us with some perfect holiday entertaining ideas.

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"The holidays are here... and no party is complete without a great variety of appetizers. So I think the best way to make the holiday season effortless is to serve buffet style food, and as far as appetizers go I love livening up platters by transforming everyone's beloved traditional ranch dressing into a must have pleasing dip. So Litehouse has this great homestyle ranch dressing that creates the perfect versatile base for anything. You can add jalapenos, you can add cheddar, a little bit of cilantro. And you mix it all up and you've got this really tasty dip that goes so great with bread, crackers, fresh veggies, and it is just versatile. We found that consumers, half of them, like using dressing as a dip anyway, so this is just a fun way for you to get a little bit creative in the kitchen as well. And you can find these in your refrigerator produce section of you local supermarket.

Now as far as drinks go, wine is perfect for the holidays, and I think the key is to find varietals that are really easy to drink. So different types of wine that go really well with a bunch of different types of food as well. Peter Lehmann is actually a wonderful, wonderful source of wine. They have some wonderful Shiraz's from the Barossa Region which is premiere region for Shiraz production. This is the Portrait Shiraz, which is really dense and juicy. It will go well with cheddar and roast beef, steak. It is $19 a bottle.

Now for those of you who love more of a blend, Clancy Red is perfect. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. $16 per bottle. Really ideal with pasta dishes and lamb dishes. And in general, wine is a must have if you're having guests but it is also a great hostess gift as well. You can get this at"