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Dr. Michael Luciano: Coolsculpting is our most exciting treatment here. Patients are loving it, they are seeing results, and they are coming back for more treatments and referring friends.”

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It uses controlled cooling to target stubborn fat cells that are then eliminated and excreted through the body in about 30 to 90 days. there’s an expectation about 25% reduction in fat cells per treatment area. Each treatment area is about an hour.”

“There are many different applicators for cool sculpting. this is the cool core. The most commonly used applicators on the abdomen. Fat is sucked into the applicator, and it’s applied for an hour. The treatment is painless. Patients are expecting results 30 to 90 days after treatment.

Tinamarie Gerrard:
It’s very painless. they put it on, and it gets cold, and that’s it. You feel absolutely nothing the entire time you’re sitting there.”

“We use the cool fit, another applicator device, make a straight line across and target the whole area she’s interested in getting treated, and she should have some amazing results.

Coolsculpting for me has definitely improved my self esteem. It gets rid of the little area, the one fat area I couldn’t seem to get rid of myself. Just makes me feel better about myself. ”

The device is activated. There will be suction applied, and the applicator will suck in the fat. So treatment zones that are FDA cleared are abdomen, flanks, thighs and most recently, the double chin. the beauty of Coolsculpting is it’s non-invasive. There’s no needles, there’s no cutting there’s no anesthesia, and there’s no down time. Patients are typically relaxed in the treatment chair, watching TV or talking on the phone and getting some work done.”

“Right now I feel great. When they first put the applicator on, you do feel a little bit of suction, I guess because it’s sucking up the area it’s gonna freeze. But right now, I don’t feel anything. I just feel a little bit of weight of the machine on my abdomen.”

Coolsculpting has been out for several years. We’ve been using the technology for years here as well. There’s been growing demand for more applicators, as they are inventing targeted areas. Most recently the double chin as we discussed, and there ‘s also more to come. Patients who can get cool sculpting are those who have stubborn fat areas that can’t be reduced with diet and exercise. If there’s sub-cutaneous pinchable fat, then we can freeze it.”

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