Catching Up With “The Bachelor” Fan Favorite, Becca Tilley

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Fans are buzzing about this season of ABC’s hit show The Bachelor, which is quickly approaching its season finale on March 13th. Fan favorite from seasons 19 and 20, Becca Tilley, talks about the upcoming finale, advice for the girls on the show, and the unusual source she is seeking love advice from.

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"There's so much advice to be given to the girls on the show, but I would say now that it is over, don't read comments on social media," Becca said. "Unless they're good, read those and enjoy them, but stay away from the trolls and haters, don't give them any more attention. Just know that everyone is going to move on and it'll be okay."

Becca shared the details about the unusual source she is consulting for advice lately.

"I am working with Lime-A-Rita, and they have introduced me to the Ritas. They are three legendary women who have advice on anything and everything. They're the straight shooters- they're going to tell you what you need to hear and they won't sugarcoat anything. It's fun, if you go to any of Lime-A-Rita's social channels, you can use #RitaSays to ask them a question about anything, and they'll give you a pretty hilarious answer."

The Ritas are like a modern-day version of Dear Abby for Millennials.

"It's a social media advice column. They give very concise, blunt and to the point answers."

When asked if she has any predictions for The Bachelor finale, Becca admits that she does her research.

"I make the mistake every year of reading the spoilers, so I can never really talk about the finale because I feel like I'm going to ruin it for everybody- but I don't know who will win. I'm hoping that something that happens that even surprises me, because it's kind of hard to watch when you know what happens. I kind of lose the excitement, but I still read the spoilers every season."

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