Carefree Routines To Start Your Day With Confidence

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Life is full of surprises and that can be a little stressful at times…we spoke to a style expert to get some tips on how to make your day a little more carefree.

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"I'm Chandler Lutz with your PHL17 Extra. 2017 has already brought so many changes. Joining me now is style icon, Lilliana Vasquez, sharing some carefree routines to help us tackle our day with some confidence. Good morning Lilliana."

"Now these are very simple easy routines. One is I always plan a week full of outfits on Sunday night. I photograph them, I put them in my iPhone for easy reference. This way on Wednesday I never have to ask myself what am I going to where today? I also squeeze in the tiniest workout before I leave the house. Its 5-10 minutes of yoga, it helps me feel centered. It kind of helps me get through my day with a lot of energy.

And I also try to eat something before I leave the house everyday. I'm not a big breakfast person and you don't need to eat a full breakfast. I also say just a little bit of yogurt, some crushed up nuts and a tiny bit of honey is my go-to breakfast. It helps me feel really good throughout the rest of the day.

I also have what I call my survival bag. You know thee are the things that I need on the go when I'm running around from TV station to TV station, getting on planes. And it's everything I need to make me feel good and look good throughout the day. So that's mini versions of my makeup products, it's breath mints, it's a charger for my iPad and my iPhone. Breath mints are super important - and it's also Carefree liners. I think it's really key that I feel free to be me all day long. And I don't want to worry about any preventable surprises. We don't need any added stress in our lives, hence the Carefree liners.

As much as I think that women are so good at multitasking and so good at planning, life is totally unpredictable - and so carefree is really encouraging women to open up to those surprises that happen along the way. And they're encouraging us to really arm ourselves with the things that we need to really get through those surprises. The Carefree liners are so thin. They fit in the tiniest of makeup bags - so you don't even know that you're wearing them when they're on. And you can check out more at

Last tip is you've got to carry a bottle of water with you. If you drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces by lunch time, you're on your way to having really beautiful hair, gorgeous glowing skin, and feeling way way better about yourself. And it's so simple. It's such an easy old school tip. Honestly it's one of my favorites because it works."

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