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Lauren Berman: Andrea, summer is almost upon us and I hear you have some beauty game changers.

Andrea Pomerantz Lustig: Yes I do. I am excited to share them. These are innovative products all from the Avon Anew line. We are going to talk about skin care first. And these are products that actually give you gorgeous glowing skin without breaking the bank. You are going to love them. First we are going to talk about new clinical strength retexturing peel. This is like going to the dermatologist, but doing it in your own home. It is extra strength potent acid mixed with other acids exclusive to Avon along with smoothing botanicals. It gives you great skin immediately. You just get a pad and put it on. Love it. 100 percent of women saw an improvement in skin texture as well as photo damage. 97% saw their fine lines disappear. So it is a real game changer. Next I want to tell you about the vitamin C serum Avon Anew. It contains an exclusive 10% vitamin C concentrate. It is better for your skin and more effective with almost 250% more potent than a glass of orange juice and it will give you glowing skin within just two weeks for $30. Then there is the Anew refining cream. What this one does is it has hydroxy acids along with exclusive botanicals. Any skin can use it and in 30 days it will give you radiant skin. Next I want to talk about hair. John Freda has been solving women frizz problems for over 25 years and now they have a great, new, innovative game changer. It is the frizzies 10 day tamer. In shower and preshower treatment and you can put it on dry hair. You can leave it in your hair and in 10 minutes it will get rid of the frizz for 10 days if you wash your hair five times during this period. It won't change your hair texture, it will just get rid of the frizz. You can style it and do whatever you want with your hair so it is really a game changer.

Lauren: Thanks so much for joining us this morning.

Andrea: Thanks for having me.

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