Back to School Basics

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It’s back to school time lifestyle expert and mom herself, Jene Luciani, shares the 411 on everything you need to get your hands on before the year starts.

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"I'm going to start with the older set and first for the guys great way for them to step up their game and break down barriers this school year, Tapout body sprays. A new line of six distinct best in class performance quality sprays that really inspire and bring out the discipline determination and motivation in every guy. I love this focus scent, it is a fresh crisp scent and the best part is they last all day and they won't break the bank. You can get them for under $8 at Walmart.

Of course skin protection is always important for teens heading back to school. 7th Heaven, a company from the UK has arguably the coolest masks on the market. They're a charcoal mask, everyone is talking about this right now it's the ultimate skin detox it really cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes. Perfect for different skin types.

They also offer a cucumber peel off mask which is a great supplement to your skin care routine. Gives skin a blast of freshness, thoroughly cleansing dirt and oil without stripping the skin of it's natural oils. Best part $1.99 for this handy little pouch and you can get it at stores like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Harmons.

From skin nutrition to nutrition on the inside. Fueling your kids with the right food is also so important. I love buying products from authentic family owned brands like Nature's Path. Not only are they delicious and organic but they support many worth while environmental causes which is a great message to teach the kids. Especially with so many schools now peanut free, I love their Envirokidz bars the industries first organic gluten free and peanut free bars. Perfect as treats toss it in the lunch box, school parties, sporting events.

Start of the day with the Envirokidz frosted amazon flakes crafted with three clean ingredients and lightly frosted organic cane sugar and organic corn meal, sustainably sourced from the amazon. Kids loves the taste parents love that it's lower sugar and only 8 grams per serving. And they donate 1% of sales to organizations that protect animals and their habitats which I absolutely love, $3.99 per box. Get them at or visit for recipes and more information.

Finally we have the school supplies, one stop shopping at Staples. Staples has great quality products with trendy designs that kids and parents love, all backed by the 110% price match guarantee. I love that you can get a fabulous lunch tote for under $10 and a 16-inch backpack for under $20. Great tropical patterns and prints that kids will love."