Afrezza and Diabetes

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Elissa Violino:
Afrezza is the only inhaled insulin. It's a rapid acting insulin, so it's administered at the beginning of a meal to control blood sugar spikes after the meal.

So how does it work? Tell us about that.

It's breathed in through your mouth, so through your lungs. And it peaks within 12 to 15 minutes to help control blood sugars after the meal. It's important for the audience to know that it's not right for everyone, with chronic lung disease or asthma or copd, or if you smoke, or recently stopped smoking or for children under the age of 18.

Jason: Ok so we're talking about inhaled insulin. People with diabetes may want to know more. What can you tell them?

Go to You can check out that website. Its also important to talk to your healthcare professional. This is by prescription only, so it's important to have that discussion with your healthcare professional as well.

So many people have diabetes these days. Any tips for dealing with it, maintaining it.

Absolutely...having diabetes is important to know, and knowledge is your key. So healthy eating, physical activity, and taking your diabetes medication everyday, really helps to manage your blood sugar.

When diabetes gets bad, it gets really bad. Talk about that.

Elissa. Check at home the glucometer, and bring it to your appointment.

Once again give us that website.

Elissa: Check it out when you have time.

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