A Whole Lotta Awesomeness in Holiday Gifts

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Katie, I hear you have a whole lot of awesomeness in gifts this season, What do you have for us?

"Let's start in the world of kids because you can't say awesome without saying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now, you can actually bring the movie right into the living room. This is a great gift for all ages and it is actually inspired by the vehicle from the movie. Kids can actually build this garbage truck turned tank and get hands on with all the different features, and hours of entertainment. This is from Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle truck by Megablocks. Awesome option.

And something for the older individuals, this is cool. This is Microsoft Surface Pro 4, I'm sure you've heard a lot of the hype about this this holiday season. You can get a hands on look and test this out in a Microsoft store or check it out at microsoftstore.com. And what's awesome is, it has all the specs and features with Intel processor and advanced touch capabilities and of course the portability of a laptop and a tablet, what a great comprehensive unit.

Next up, I want to go to Amazon. You can't talk about holidays and not talk about Amazon. What's neat about Amazon is Amazon's Echo Dot,  a hands-free device that has Amazon's voice service called Alexa. It is great for the holiday season because you can say, "Hey Alexa, what are your deals?"  and she will actually tell you. So shopping now with your voice and having to avoid all that hassle at the store.

And then two amazing little toys from Spinmaster. This is from their Zoomer line. This is Marshall, you probably recognize him from Paw Patrol. What's cool is that this is an interactive toy that has over 150 real Paw Patrol phrases and sounds and you can train him to follow you around, 80 different tricks, and he will even shoot out spring loaded missiles and water cannons from his pup pack. Hours of entertainment, this is going to be one of those toys that kids actually play with a long time, not just look at it and then they're done with it. I love that.

Also, too, check  this baby out from Spinmaster. This is Airhogs Connect mission drone. Just use your tablet, and you can bring an augmented reality, whole new universe, right into our living room. Fly that drone around the room and it also going to transform a sci-fi universe where you can complete missions. Awesome digital and physical option for kids.

Last but not least, this is the Polaroid snap touch instant digital camera that is an upgrade from the classic. 20 megapixel camera with LCD display but also allows you print right out instantly but also every single print plus paper is actually a sticker.

You can shop all of these and check them out at ThunkNews.com/Awesome.

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