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Dr. Michael Luciano wants to personalize primary care and now offers Concierge Family Medicine.

Dr. Luciano always knew he wanted to go into primary care. His father, a solo-practicing orthopedic surgeon, and his grandfather, a solo-practicing family doctor, showed him how important continuity of care is.

He opened up his private practice in 2009 and quickly saw a large growth in his patient population. Within his first five years, he was seeing around 3,000 patients.

The national average amount of time a primary care doctor spends with patients is around eight minutes per visit, which Dr. Luciano felt was not nearly enough time. He felt he needed more time to address the issues his patients were facing. He decided to switch practice models so he could spend upwards of 45 minutes to an hour and a half with his patients.

“I didn’t want to compromise the quality of care so this model allows me to be a doctor the way I think primary care should be,” said Dr. Luciano

The new model delivers primary care services to patients without the constraints of insurance companies. It’s a direct relationship between the patient and doctor where the patient is billed monthly or annually for unlimited primary care services.

The focus is really on prevention and early detection of diseases without the barriers of copays and deductibles.

Doctors utilizing this model decrease their practice size from around 1,500 – 2,000 patients to 300- 500 patients. Not only can patients spend more time with their doctor, but there’s also more accessible ways of reaching them such as email, cell phone, text message, virtual visits, etc. When you need to see your doctor you can that day, the next day, or after hours.

“It’s extremely rewarding to improve the health of somebody and to have their trust is a blessing,” he said.

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