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60% of consumers say their greatest inconvenience while washing clothes is having to wash separate loads. With U.S. households washing an average of 10 loads of laundry each week, new appliance technologies are helping to lighten the load… literally! Leading this laundry revolution is the Twin Wash System and its sidekick pedestal washer from global home appliance leader,  LG Electronics.

Seong-jin Jo, President & CEO LG Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company: As you know there are two types of laundry machines, so we have a machine that is not just a top loader or front loader but has the pros of both systems and this is an ideal that not only I but anyone who works or studies in the washing machine industry would like to have. Whether it is someone from the U.S. or Europe or Korea or Japan. However, there has never been a washing machine that has all of these pros together and now we have the twin wash.

Being lauded around the world for its innovative time saving design, paired with a front load washer, the side kick allows consumers to do two loads at once or separate smaller loads for those special care items or last minute needs.

David Vanderwaal: The average American family of four does eleven loads of laundry per week. You couple that with the fact that we are all starved for time…  it gives back time because you can do two loads of laundry simultaneously.

We saw that first hand at the factory where LG makes these modern feets of engineer and design.

Jinwoo Jung, Vice President Washing Machine Engineering LG Electronics: On average we produce about 300 units per hour. Every year we do analysis on consumer demand and we realized that the demand for running different loads of laundry separately was high. We figured out that we have to combine a top louder and the front loader.

The team wanted to create something unlike anything anyone has every seen… and they did!

Seong-jin Jo, President & CEO LG Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company: So we want a washing machine that wont tangle or damage the laundry and with minimal vibration and noise. However there has never been a washing machine that has all of these pros together. So for the top loader we made a motor where we can control the speed rotate more strongly or softly and that’s the direct drive inverter. This enables the speed of the motor, so we can choose what program or cycle we want to run depending on the material.

It has other benefits too… saving water and energy. With Twin Wash, busy families can now divide and conquer their big and small loads. 21st century home appliance innovations like this are transforming the way consumers in the U.S. and around the world do laundry.

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