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Which Spider-Man web shooter toy is best?

Some of the best Spider-Man toys let kids step into the shoes of their favorite hero. One of the most fun ways to feel like the web-slinging hero is using a web shooter toy. The toy attaches to the wrist, allowing you to sling a ‘web’ at any supervillains that come your way. 

If you want the best Spider-Man web shooter toy, the top choice is the Super Web Slinger. It is very adaptable, able to shoot web fluid and double as a water blaster. No tools are required to assemble the device.

What to know before you buy a Spider-Man web shooter toy

Is making a mess a concern?

If you give some kids a web shooter toy that launches web fluid, you may find that the house is covered in Spidey webs in no time. If you are looking for Spider-Man web shooter toys that do not make a mess, there are other Spider-Man toys that do not involve shooting webs or anything else. 

Is it for a costume?

Many Spider-Man web shooter toys are not designed to look exactly like the Spidey web-shooters that appear in the comics and the movies. The trouble is that making a web-shooter of that size that actually launches web material would be very difficult and expensive. If you are going for a web-shooter toy that will look realistic with a Spider-Man costume, it probably won’t be able to actually shoot anything.

Do you like Nerf or water guns?

Some web shooter toys are designed to work with foam darts or shoot water. They could be a great addition to a collection, so consider whether the user already has similar toys before picking out a web shooter. Toys that launch foam darts or water can be lots of fun to use with friends, so consider buying a spare.

What to look for in a quality Spider-Man web shooter toy


Some web shooter toys can adapt to shoot different ammunition. The best options for web shooter toys can adapt to a variety of play situations. Going from shooting web fluid to joining a water gun battle is convenient and fun. 

Spider-Man web shooters that are easy for kids to fire are also more adaptable to any kid’s activities. Web shooter toys and Spider-Man toys are not always designed for all ages, so check the package label before you buy.


Many web shooter toys have small internal parts to allow them to function. If kids aren’t somewhat careful, they can break. Some web shooter toys are more durable than others, which can help kids to focus on playing rather than being gentle with an intricate device. If a kid easily breaks toys, the best web shooter options will be highly durable toys with as few moving components as possible.


If you care about the way a web shooter toy looks, some are just better than others. Web shooters that are meant to be worn with Spider-Man costumes probably won’t look like a toy. The best options for cosplay are web-shooters that focus on imitating the design of the devices that appear in comic books or movies, even if they do not fire webbing.

How much you can expect to spend on a Spider-Man web shooter toy

Depending on the type of material and its function, Spider-Man web shooter toys will vary greatly in price. A shooter that launches some kind of object or fluid will generally be less than $25, while high-quality costume web shooters can be more expensive.

Spider-Man web shooter toy FAQ

Can Spider-Man web shooters help children develop useful skills?

A. Some web shooter toys can be difficult to fire without a certain amount of dexterity. If they are durable enough to last, a child could improve their fine motor skills by moving their fingers and wrist in the correct manner. If they take the time to aim a web shooter, it can also help with hand-eye coordination. 

Is assembly needed for web shooters?

A. Depending on the toy, a Spider-Man web shooter might be able to be used immediately. Some may require some assembly and preparation to use appropriately. Before buying a web shooter toy, consider if your child will be able to safely operate the device without assistance.

What’s the best Spider-Man web shooter toy to buy?

Top Spider-Man web shooter toy

Super Web Slinger

Super Web Slinger

What you need to know: This Spider-Man web shooter toy can be a water gun or web fluid launcher.

What you’ll love: It is safe for ages 5 and up, but may require some adult assembly. The web shooter can launch web fluid, silly string or water. The set includes the web shooter, a refillable water cartridge, one can of web fluid and a Spider-Man glove. 

What you should consider: Some children had difficulty firing it, and it can make a bit of a mess if you are not careful.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Spider-Man web shooter toy for the money

Spider-Man Web Launcher

Spider-Man Web Launcher

What you need to know: This affordable Spider-Man web shooter toy launches plastic discs instead of webs.

What you’ll love: It includes a Spider-Man glove, a web disc blaster and three discs. It is safe for ages 5 and older. The web shooter launches spinning discs when the lever is pressed in the palm of a kid’s hand. 

What you should consider: It is not particularly durable, so some customers have had issues with it breaking after a while.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Spider-Man NERF Power Moves

Spider-Man NERF Power Moves

What you need to know: This Nerf blaster is an unusual Nerf product designed to shoot like Spider-Man web-shooters.

What you’ll love: It is compatible with other Nerf bullets and products. The launcher is Spider-Man-inspired and fires only when held and fired in the manner Spider-Man would shoot a web. It is sized to fit a child’s arms and hand.

What you should consider: Some customers had trouble loading the Nerf bullets and found it was difficult to fire. It may jam and does not come with safety goggles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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